Upcoming Events

Also see Bible Believers Facebook Page for Upcoming Events

Oct 2 – Ladies Bible Study @ 6:30pm “A Sword Girded” taught by Shirley.

Oct 4 – Church lunch fellowship for National Taco Day.  There is a sign up sheet posted in the church.

Oct 9-Oct 25 – Meals for Heather Minotti to help out after her surgery.  There is a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board as well as her contact information.

Oct 11 – Due date for payment and to RSVP to Wendy Koenig for the Ladies Luncheon helod on Saturday, Oct. 31st @ 9:00am at the church.  The theme is “Anchored in Hope” with both Wendy Koenig and Janet Metty speaking.  Pastor Joe Metty will be catering the event.  The cost is $15 per lady.

Oct 17 – Adult Banquet @ 5pm at the church.  This event will be catered.  A sign up sheet is posted and the cost will be no more than $20 per person.  This is for ADULTS only.

Oct 23 – Children’s Coop Fellowship starts at 4pm.  Please see Wendy Koenig or Wendy Schmidt for details or if you have any questions.

Oct 25 – Possible Baptism Event with regularly held services.  Details to follow.  If you are born again and have never received water baptism as a testimony to the world that you are trusting in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but are interested in doing so; please see pastor Seth Koenig for details.